Notes from the Texas Global Intellectual Property Leadership Summit

I attended the Summit yesterday. The speakers included Congressman Lamar Smith (who will chair the Judiciary Committee in the new Congress); David Kappos, Director of the USPTO; James Pooley, Deputy Director General at WIPO; and Lee Soowon, Commissioner of the Korean IP Office.

Key takeaways: Smith – The House will begin patent reform hearings in February, with the goal of passing a bill by the end of the upcoming term. Kappos – I was impressed by his businesslike and high-energy approach to efficiently joining the issues in the PTO’s jurisdiction and engaging with patent applicants. Pooley – He described WIPO’s dispute resolution administration capabilities as their best kept secret. (By the way, I’m now a member of the WIPO’s List of Arbitrators.) Soowon – One of KIPO’s major missions is to transform Korea into an IP-friendly society. (Unfortunately I had to leave before the discussion that featured leading in-house and private practice IP legal experts – but I’m sure that panel was quite interesting as well.)

Finally, kudos to the Austin Chamber of Commerce for organizing this well-attended event, and to Tokyo Electron for its role as the lead sponsor.

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