My daily GC checklist – what does yours look like?

This list was one of the tools I came up with to help me prioritize my time each day when I was a GC. I’m pretty sure that I adapted a number of the ideas from articles and books elsewhere, so please feel free to upgrade this list for your own purposes.

1. Do whatever you can to make this a fun place to work. Start with being curious and enthusiastic about everything that comes your way.
2. Treat everyone like you want to be treated. You’re never too busy.
3. Be available – but if you have work-life boundaries that are critical to you, be impeccable about communicating them.
4. Learn about problems early, and be proactive about dealing with them.
5. Get to know the business. Educate your business colleagues about what you can do for them.
6. Make the coffee, but delegate sensibly.
7. Be constructive. Praise publicly, criticize privately.
8. Not every job requires an “A” effort. Do the simple jobs quickly.
9. Some jobs require an “A+” effort. Insist on taking the time to do them right.
10. You aren’t perfect. No one else is either.

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2 Responses to My daily GC checklist – what does yours look like?

  1. Brian Siebken says:

    This list is dead on. I have printed it and intend to reference it often. As someone who worked closely with you for several years, I can confirm that you did a great job of putting this list into practice and were an excellent GC as a result.

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