Hot topics in legal expense management

Deutsche Bank setting up captive near-shoring LPO arm in Berlin. Deutsche Bank is also squeezing their panel firms by retaining the right to instruct any firm making the lowest bid for a piece of work through its internal online tendering system.

Axa finalizes global panel. Law firms should take note that their intent was to “slash legal spend where possible.” (“Slash” is such an interesting word, eh?)

U.S. patents now less valuable? Does that change the ROI on your patent prosecution and maintenance budget?

Bill introduced in North Carolina to permit non-lawyers to invest in law firms. Tobacco Road to follow the U.K. example? Would other states follow N.C.?

Venture capitalist challenges law firms to reduce costs on early rounds. (And if you’re interested in the topic, also check out this wiki for early stage documents.)

Two models for the future of BigLaw – “bet the farm” or “law factory” debate – reminiscent of Susskind’s comments on bespoke and commoditized work.

Former Qwest CEO sues defense lawyers for negligence and overbilling. It will be interesting to see how the allegations in the pleadings regarding inappropriate disbursements (underwear? really?) unfold – and any GC who has reviewed a lengthy bill for a team of lawyers working away from their home office may end up seeing some familiar issues.

An in-house viewpoint on the value – or lack thereof – of lawyer rankings.

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