Law department technology benchmark data – part 2

Following up on my recent post regarding the new survey published by Technolawyer – the “Case, Matter, and Practice Management System Software Study” (free sign-up required) – following are a some additional highlights:

- 29% percent of law department respondents reported using case, matter and practice management systems. 42% reported that their biggest problem with such systems was “integration,” while 27% noted “total cost” as the biggest problem.

- Corporate legal departments indicated they were more willing to host their attorney/client privileged data in a web-based program, and seemed to have more trust in their IT staff to keep data secure and cover their liability, as compared to private law firms.

- 41% of in-house respondents had been through discovery of sufficient size to warrant the use of a vendor to host the document review.

A note about the survey demographics: 66 of the respondents, or 19.5% of the total sample, indicated “Corporate” as their type of employer.

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