Law department technology benchmark data

Last week I highlighted the new survey published by Technolawyer – the “Case, Matter, and Practice Management System Software Study.” You have to sign up to obtain a copy, but if you’re interested in benchmark data regarding your department’s use and cost of technology, it’s worth your time. I’m still reviewing the data, but here are a few highlights from my study thus far:

- 39% of corporate respondents said they don’t use a document management system, and 33% said they don’t use metadata cleanup software. While the survey doesn’t break down law departments by size, my experience tells me that the larger the department, the more likely they are to have these tools in place.

- 59% of in-house respondents felt that their law department keeps up-to-date with technology. That’s good news for them, not such good news for the other 41%.

- 62% of in-house respondents answered “don’t know” when asked what percentage of their budget is spent on technology. I’d guess that’s primarily due to technology costs being tucked away in someone else’s budget. But it does have interesting implications for how decisions are made when a law department wants to acquire and implement new technologies such as CMS and e-billing.

- Almost half (43.3%) of survey respondents expect their return on investment for using a CMS to be one year or less. The in-house number was a bit lower at 36%, which seems odd to me.

- Given the collaborative culture in most corporate legal departments, it wasn’t surprising that 64% of in-house respondents answered “yes” to “does the culture of your firm/law dept provide for sharing client and case/matter data, even though attorneys don’t necessarily work on the same case/matter?” On the other hand, what is happening in the 36% that answered “no” or “don’t know”?

I will be posting another note on this data soon, but in the meantime, I welcome your comments.

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