Legal expense management news for the first week of March, and a bonus tip on a new LinkedIn tool

Technolawyer has published an interesting survey – the “Case, Matter, and Practice Management System Software Study” – you have to sign up to obtain a copy, but if you’re interested in benchmark data regarding your department’s use and cost of technology, it’s worth your time. Among other topics, it addresses the use of matter management systems by corporate law departments, including the implementation stumbling blocks. The survey also covers how much law departments plan to spend in the next 12 months on technology.

Check out the new article in the Harvard Business Review on “The New Path to the C-Suite” (scroll down for the General Counsel section). Key points according to the author: risk management may be the most important substantive function; relationships with regulatory agencies are extremely important; and lawyers with prior in-house experience are often more attractive candidates than those with law firm experience only. Comments?

Professional administrator ranks in law departments grow – different models work for different departments. But how can small and mid-size law departments that may not be able to afford a full-time, high-level administrator get the same benefits? Contact me for some suggestions.

Big banks detail their legal loss exposures for the mortgage crisis – and here also – running into the billions. But is it enough information to allow investors to put it into context? And if it’s not enough for investors, do their Boards have the right information?

Northern Ireland targets additional UK firms for nearshoring. I wonder – will U.S. cities and states ramp up their efforts to court the back-office and other support functions of big city law firms with subsidies and tax breaks?

Justice Department opposes $223 million fee request – the plaintiffs’ attorneys might have overreached, eh?

LinkedIn has an interesting new tool to map your professional network – check out it – you may see some interesting linkages, including identifying the key “hubs” in your network.

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