Legal expense management news for November 15, 2013

Five suggestions for managing legal fees when you have to pay but you’re not the client.

Amid wave of law-firm megamergers, what do clients really want? Inside Counsel has more on the story here.

A comparison of LPO strategies – onshoring vs. offshoring. (sub. req’d)

From our “how much does it cost?” files: News Corp Spends $40 Million on UK newspaper scandal.

Also from our “how much does it cost?” files: Award in Kraft/Starbucks dispute includes $557mm in attorneys’ fees & interest.

On the e-discovery front: guidelines for assessing the ROI on predictive coding.

New York City Bar Association’s alternative career path program “will test whether young attorneys can make a decent living helping people who can’t afford market-rate legal bills.” (sub. req’d)

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