Legal expense management news for November 1, 2013

BigLaw and BigLPO join forces to open e-discovery and due diligence support center – onshore in Virginia.

MF Global bankruptcy judge rejects objections to BigLaw’s fee requests, saying “”The fees in this case have been very high and it’s not just in this case….You can say some people would call it a problem and some people would say it reflects the complexity and necessity of the work that lawyers perform in cases such as MF Global.”

For those GC’s whose departments include their companies’ advocacy work: new study shows that overall spending on federal lobbying is at its lowest level since at least 2010. (sub. req’d)

Tech savvy, efficiency, transparency, touted as more important than law school pedigrees by conference speakers.

From our “how much does it cost?” files: BigLaw fees suit shows partner rates $410-$990, associate rates $240-$570; and reports on Infosys U.S. visa case indicate $35 million to settle and cover legal costs.

Panel review news: Citigroup to reduce EMEA roster; and U.K. insurance company reduces claims roster from 45 to 13, stating “We recognise that value goes beyond just cost, and as such, we have sought to build partnerships with a tighter group of law firms who share our values and focus on service, rather than a singular focus on rates.”

Former BigLaw partner suspended “for improperly charging clients for $50,000 in car services rides taken by himself and his family.”

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