Legal expense management news for November 30, 2012

A cogent set of suggestions for selling expertise and skill rather than hours, in order to reduce the cost of production, deliver and be rewarded for better outcomes, “fix the cost of any given type of work [and] Improve profitability.” Clients have a role as well: “For firms and clients to achieve real savings while improving outcomes and profitability, both sides are going to have to give up their schizophrenic reliance on hours. It’s working against everything both sides are trying to achieve.”

An interesting list of four important technologies for in-house counsel “that will help lawyers function more efficiently…”

What does “free” really mean when it comes to legal services? On-line legal document vendors go to court – and the plaintiff “has pledged to donate any monetary recovery in excess of its attorneys’ fees and costs to non-profit organizations that provide legal services to the underserved.” The WSJ‘s Law Blog has the story here.

What’s hot, what’s not, in legal services – noted trends include clients “objecting to firms’ charges for such items as legal research, photocopying, faxes and lawyer meals. They regard these as normal overhead and part of the cost of doing business.”

Panel news from the U.K., including an energy company’s revamped roster, while a construction company plans “to make all of its recently appointed panel firms use its new low-cost arm in Newcastle for commoditised work…”

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