Legal expense management news for November 23, 2012

U.K. law firm survey evaluates “firms on six criteria: cost/billing practices; service delivery/responsiveness; use of IT/knowledge management; personal/partner relationships; quality of legal advice and quality of commercial advice.” In-house leaders, do you factors surveys like this into your sourcing decisions?

I’ve spoken recently with several in-house leaders with very active M&A workloads about how to get more value of what they’re spending on due diligence, and how to re-think their expectations for processes, tools, deliverables and resources. The claims made by HP in connection with the Autonomy acquisition – staffed on both sides by some of BigLaw’s best – may bring these issues into focus for many GC’s.

Major LPO vendor opens London office because “some clients are unable to send work offshore for regulatory reasons and others do not want to send work offshore because they want to meet face-to-face with the lawyers doing the work.” One wonders what the cost of London office space does to their cost model?

Survey finds that U.K. “bluechip clients aggressively pressed down on legal costs in 2012…” The data may also suggest “that clients have moved over the last two years to finally wring substantive concessions from law firms on pricing and value.”

U.K. panel news: real estate company cuts back to two firms.

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