Legal expense management news for November 16, 2012

Firms increasingly write off legal research costs from client billings – due in part to partner concerns about whether their billing methodologies represent a “fair recovery” of third party costs.

Survey indicates that 71% of corporate legal departments are renegotiating outside counsel fees. Law department leaders, what other strategies are you (whether you’re part of that group or the other 29%) implementing to boost the value of your legal spend in 2013?

Private equity investment fuels significant expansion in China and the U.S. by one of the top-tier LPO’s.

Regardless of one’s views on “non-practicing entities” (a/k/a “patent trolls”), Cisco’s strategy of pursuing RICO-type claims against them is worth noting.

Rural-sourcing news – a behind the scenes look at establishing a BigLaw shared services center – “after the meltdown of 2008 many firms took more significant looks at their back office cost base and the writing increasingly looked to be on the wall. Expect other firms to follow suit.” GC’s, do you expect to share in the benefits when your outside firms undertake these initiatives?

From our bankruptcy fees files: former Dewey lawyers ask for a “modest” half-million dollar bonus for staying on at Dewey to handle a big case. The WSJ‘s Law Blog has more on the story here.

Options for outside counsel in Korea continue to grow as two more U.S.-based firms receive approval to open offices in Seoul. As more BigLaw offices open up there, will the kind of fee pressure seen elsewhere in Asia be far behind?

Even Google’s legal department uses the company’s “hackathon” method “to rethink how they do their job, or how they can restructure what they’re doing.”

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