Legal expense management news for May 25, 2012

Continuing with our “have you assessed your outside counsel’s cybersecurity practices” theme – targeting of lawyers by cyber-spies and cyber-bandits is both “relentless” and “routine.” Have you briefed your Board on these issues?

And in other continuing themes – technology-enabled lawyering and checklists – this company is among those “harnessing the power of computing to create contract checklists for entire agreements and individual clauses.”

In-house leaders already know that even a medium-size patent portfolio is expensive to maintain, and to defend or assert in litigation. $5 million per case for patent litigation sounds about right.

“Tesco” news – consumer-oriented legal services company plans for significant growth. “Putting the numbers of trainees on a par with magic circle firms, the move will come as part of the Co-op’s plans to create 3,000 jobs in the legal sector as it aims to revolutionise how legal services are delivered on the high street.” These kinds of business models aren’t directly relevant to the corporate world – but they are are good examples of ongoing innovation in service delivery models….

….including this example more relevant to in-house teams: an “on-demand” model from the Magic Circle: “The magic circle firm has launched a programme, entitled ‘Freshfields Continuum’, under which former partners and associates can work for the firm on flexible contracts when it experiences high demand.”

Panel news for the week – here and here – some panel contraction, some expansion, but one can expect a drive for cost savings sought across the board. As one survey of in-house leaders recently indicated, litigation is “public enemy number one.”

And in other news from the U.K. – law firm to spin off interim lawyer service. “It began with a pilot of eight lawyers and has since grown to over 100, with revenue exceeding £7m.”

LegalZoom files for IPO. Commoditized, IT-enabled offerings in other sectors of the legal services business can’t be too far away – as predicted in Richard Susskind’s The End of Lawyers?

I like checklists that focus on outcomes, costs and value – for example, this is an interesting one on internal investigations.

Elsewhere in checklists – this one on evaluating legal process outsourcing (from a LPO vendor) is nicely done (free reg. req’d). I think the suggestion to “select the right pilot” is spot-on.

And finally, how much did the plaintiff (a lawyer) in this breakfast buffet lawsuit get hit with for the defendant’s legal costs? I was surprised it was only $440 – perhaps that was just the court costs?

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