Legal expense management news for April 6, 2012

Financial services GC indicates that firms without an LPO offering will be excluded from its litigation panel. I found it equally interesting that the company has “appointed three new specialist firms to the panel of four which provide services in a particular area of law, mainly on fixed fee arrangements.” (emphasis added)

Are alternative business structures (ABS) in the U.K. “off to a quiet start“? On this side of the Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal has a good summary on the current state of the debate amongst the ABA, state bar associations, academia, trade groups and others regarding non-lawyer ownership and multidisciplinary practices.

AFA’s require open communication – no surprise there – as well as new ways of thinking about BigLaw partner compensation.

More evidence that it’s really, really expensive to be bankrupt: the lawyers’ tab for American Airlines’ parent company starts at $21 million, and counting.

Law firm mergers “gallop” along – law department leaders, do these events affect your sourcing strategies (outside of garden variety conflicts issues)?

Conflicts checking – another function that BigLaw can source in lower-cost geographies.

GC’s, do you assess your law firms’ IT security capabilities on an ongoing basis? Are “they prepared to defend sensitive client data from a host of extremely sophisticated and stealthy rootkit attacks launched by hackers, cybercriminals, rogue hacktivists and even foreign governments?”

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