Legal expense management news for March 23, 2012

Returning after a week off for spring break…..

LPM news – e-discovery vendor acquires project management software company, plans to market “capabilities of organizing and measuring work not just in e-discovery but in other areas…”

U.S. and U.K. cases address tool use in e-discovery – GC’s, how will these developments affect your budgets for major matters? And in other e-discovery news, the 3rd Circuit reduced an e-discovery cost-shifting award by 90%. Finally, the New York Appellate Division weighs in as well on e-discovery cost-shifting.

NYSBA to review non-lawyer ownership of law firms, but confirms that presently, New York lawyers cannot be part of a foreign firm in which non-lawyers hold a stake. When combined with the “Tesco law” in the U.K., this creates some interesting potential for cross-Atlantic complexity, eh?

In-house leaders, have you assessed your law firms vulnerabilities to cyber-attacks? Will their capabilities affect your sourcing decisions?

U.K. firm continues to expand contract lawyer service. CLO’s, do you prefer this kind of “one-stop shopping” for different types of legal services?

Local currency billings lead BigLaw to look at currency hedging. In-houser’s, where do you feel these risks should be allocated as between you and your global firms?

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