Legal expense management news for February 24, 2012

Legal Services Act news from the U.K. – BigLaw-backed ABS plans to offer “fixed-fee commoditised legal advice on a range of matters…” They are also focused on process: “This kind of work is more prone to systemisation, as opposed to the intense input at a high level…” All of this is quite intriguing – but it seems they risk cannibalizing a non-trivial portion of their current business – they may be surprised how much work GC’s think is “prone to systemisation…”

And in further news from the U.K. – more evidence that firms are working hard to diversify their portfolio of services – can similar offerings for corporate clients be far behind? And in the same vein, another firm is targeting licensing revenue from “a web-based product, dubbed KLAIM, which will allow clients to carry out the initial stages of litigation themselves and help them to independently resolve low-value cases that are likely to settle quickly…”

We don’t shy away from commenting on BigLaw billing models, project management know-how, and so on – but this post was a thoughtful, personal summary of the benefits of hiring BigLaw for major projects.

How secure are your law firms? Are they a weak link in your cybersecurity programs?

Indian court gives a thumbs-up to LPO’s and fly-in/fly-out foreign lawyers. And more on the story from The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog. Some questions remain, but this is progress.

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