Legal expense management news for February 10, 2012

GC’s, do you agree that the “four horsemen” of 21st century legal services are LPO, substituting tech for people for certain types of projects, teamwork and measuring quality? As to the last point, Paul Lippe suggests that “Lawyers who embrace the opportunity to measure and improve their quality will win; those who (with little or no empirical support) continue to claim that quality is only in the eye of the provider will do themselves and their clients no good.”

In-house leaders, do you consider yourselves to be “at war” with you law firms? Surely there is another, more collaborative, value-oriented path.

More on e-discovery project management – are you hiring “project managers” or “process managers” – or both?

In-house litigation managers, is “litigation funding is really coming of age with regard to complex commercial disputes“?

ABS news from the U.K.: DLA’s LawVest set to launch; and three U.K. firms sign up investors.

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